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PARLOV Market Intelligence is a company for high efficiency strategy and marketing solutions based on target market research with direct media buying included. Founded in year 2002, our main expertize covering markets are CSE, CEE and USA market in partnership with ADRIACON Group Inc New York.

We are official Senior Marketing Expert consultants for EBRD (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development) and Senior Marketing Non-Key Expert for EURECNA Italy.

edu.parlov academy are professional sales increase and human resource education modules - Applied Digital Marketing and Market Intelligence workshops made fully customizable for clients offering interactive approach and achievement evaluation after every module. List od modules is available at


ISO9001 and ISO14001 certificates with high proficiency in quality management systems ensures base of all analysis and strategies on best managerial praxis.

Based on stabile growth rate and financial indicators, we have achieved Highest Creditworthiness Rating Certificate AAA, continuously monitored and own credit excellence certificate ExcellentSME from Croatian Chamber of Economy.




Our experienced consultants are full-time employees with MA, MSc and PhD degrees in Strategic Marketing, Public Relations and International Affairs & Diplomacy, with over 150 successful projects in market intelligence sector worldwide.

Being strongly dedicated to highest standards of professional work on the one side, on the other side we are keeping high density of corporate social responsibility actions to aim our biggest CSR goal - children's smile; focusing our CSR activities in domains of children's sport, health and social life sector. 10% of our net profit is dedicated to CSR.

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Qualitative and quantitative models of market research are base of every strategically planned business. By combining different models we are able to get more relevant information on current targeted markets' and target groups' demography, sociography and psychography. Visual preferences of international target groups are important part of research and a trend in defining graphic design for launching same products on different markets.


Usage of tailor-made choice modelling techniques we are offering products' maximization on the market by:

  • Analyzing price sensitivity
  • Improving brand strategy and product-line planning
  • Maximizing media advertising effectiveness
  • Improving promotional offers
  • Optimizing advertising messages
  • Improving package designs


Following trends in different markets, we are offering you highest quality of graphic design and print for all of your advertisements, packages and other brands' needs.

  • graphic design
  • copywritting
  • 3d design
  • animation
  • prepress & print
  • worldwide delivery


Building product or brand awareness with public relations marketing models combined with sales increase models results with faster recognition of markets' pulse and opens an incredible opportunity for on-the-fly changing marketing tactics and maximizing profit.


Domestic and international quality media planning based on market, cost benefit and target group analysis is important way in achieving settled marketing goals.

Based on your products' personality, seasonality or sales requirements we are building tailor-made diversified markets' media plans following business and marketing plans. By combining press release tactics and advertising we are achieving products profit and brand awareness maximization.


edu.parlov academy are professional targeted Applied digital marketing and Market intelligence workshops made fully customizable for clients offering fully interactive approach and achievement evaluation after every module. All modules are available in croatian and english language. List od modules is available on

Make your sales or marketing team market-aware and ready to make their own strategic decisions based on current trends and get professional psychographic profile for each employee with his achievement possibilities.




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